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About Antle

Hi there, this is Antle. Antle
Antle is an insect alien hybrid who took a vacation. A vacation to planet Earth. Big mistake.
It looked so peaceful from space.
Like a little blueish coruscating gem in the darkness of the great empty.
But Antle soon learned of Earth's population, the gem in space was not so peaceful after all.

While we humans take pictures of sights and interesting places, Antle's people communicate via music - so he wrote some songs to tell his folks where he went and how he felt.


is the document
of Antle's journey
and a journal
of his experiences
on Earth.

Yves Eichhorn

Antle is given life by Yves Eichhorn.
Yves is a musician, composer, writer, graphic & web designer.
Currently, he is living in Leipzig, the city of his birth, also the city where J. S. Bach composed his masterpieces.

After being educated as IT Specialist at a local company,
Yves received academic training in the field of
English language and literature at the University of Leipzig,
where he graduated in 2012.
Yves had the opportunity to try out many different careers, resulting in many diverse experiences.
If he is not busy creating websites, from design to the finished product,
Yves helps to create and manage Corporate Identities, as well as commercials and advertising campaigns for various clients.

Take a look at his portfolio. (soon)

But Music is his passion...
Music is a constant companion through all the stages of life.
Yves' love for music enabled him to autodidactically learn how to play the guitar early on in his childhood,
as well as many other instruments. After years of strumming alone and for his family he felt the need to share his music with the world.

Yves created his Alter Ego "Antle" in order to follow through the ideas of his concept album "Scheme Land".
In early 2012 he finalized the album SCHEME LAND, which he is very proud of, because he composed all the songs, wrote all the lyrics, played every instrument, created the album art and made his home a recording studio only equipped with a Tascam DR-1 recorder.
He studied and learned a lot about sound engineering and audio mixing in the process.

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